Lacquers and varnishes

What's the difference between varnish and lacquer? Broadly speaking, they're the same thing. Both protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood, and can be applied by brush, spray gun, or lacquer. In our experience, “varnish” is a more everyday term, and “lacquer” more of a trade term. So, we've adopted these terms to differentiate between our two types of products:

Varnishes - perfect for DIY

Pre-catalysed (single pack) dip-and-go formulations that are easy to use. Simply apply straight from the tin, no pre-mixing required.

Perfect for furniture, floors, and other wooden surfaces, these hard-wearing, high-quality products will outperform conventional varnishes from your local DIY centre.

Lacquers - for the experts

Two-pack acid catalysed formulations, as used by professionals. 

Provides an ultra-tough scratch resistant finish, perfect for high traffic environments such as gymnasium floors, hotel lobbies, restaurants, pub bar tops, night club furniture, and more.

Technical support and advice

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