10 reasons why your roof leaks during heavy rain.

A leaking roof is no laughing matter. And what starts as a small drip can quickly become something much bigger, causing extensive damage to your property. So, before a small trickle turns into a waterfall, you must act quickly.

10 reasons why your roof might leak during heavy rain.

Discovering your roof is leaking is one thing, but knowing why is another. With that in mind, we’ve listed the ten most common causes of roof leaks so you can get to the root of the problem fast:

1. Poor quality or damaged flashing

Flashing covers the weaker areas of your roof, such as where skylights and chimneys connect to the roof. However, if your flashing cracks, it can cause serious problems.

All you need to do is remove and replace the broken flashing with new flashing. And for added peace of mind, we recommend adding roofing sealant to the nail heads. 

2. Missing and broken roof slates or tiles

One of the biggest causes of roof leaks is missing or broken slates or tiles, which are quite easy to spot – especially if they’re littering your garden after a heavy storm.

Failure to fix the problem ASAP will result in water seeping the brickwork, underlay and timer, causing condensation, dampness and rot.

3. Age

Most roof tiles are made to last for decades, but over time, heavy rain, cold, heat and nature affect their protection, leading to damage and water ingress. To protect from this, it’s advisable to check your roof every few years and replace any tiles looking worse for wear.

4. Damaged roof underlay and membranes

Damaged tiles expose the membranes below. And while underlays, like breather membranes, are designed to handle small levels of moisture that it removes via your guttering, they can’t handle excess rainwater.

5. Badly installed roof windows or skylights

If your skylight or roof window is leaking from the top, it’s likely the flashing is damaged, not the window.

6. Loft condensation

Condensation occurs when warm air hits a cold surface. And when this moisture builds up, it will drip down from the roof of your loft and cause damage over time. If you discover a musty smell or physical water, you need to install adequate roof ventilation.

7. Incorrect materials for the angle of your roof.

Slates, tiles and roofing sheets are designed to be installed on roofs with a certain pitch. If these are installed incorrectly, it will result in leaks. That’s why it’s important to choose the right materials for the angle of your roof.


8. Clogged-up gutters

It’s easy to spot clogged gutters, especially in Autumn. And even if you don’t notice leaves and twigs, you will notice a decrease in water flowing from your downspout during a rainstorm.

So, grab a plastic scoop, get up a ladder (safely) and get those gutters cleared!

9. Damaged fascia boards and soffits

Fascia boards and soffits prevent water and wildlife from entering your brickwork and loft spaces. Over time, these can degrade due to rain and broken guttering, leading to rot.

If you have wooden fascias and soffits, replace them with UPVC.


10. Inadequately sealed roof valleys

Roof valleys are where two sections of a roof meet, and they’re notorious weak points. However, replacing the roof flashing in these areas will stop water from finding its way into your home.

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