Can I use the same paint for metal and wood?

painting metal and wood

When it comes to doing paint jobs, inside or out, one question that crops up time and time again is:

Can I use the same paint for metal and wood?

And with good reason, metal paints protect exterior metal structures from the elements year after year. But while wood paint does a brilliant job of protecting your window frames, sills, garden furniture and fencing, do metal paints offer the same level of protection as wood paints?

Can I use metal paints on wood?

Let’s keep this short and sweet: Yes, you can.

Great news, but this does throw up a few more questions.

Will metal paint look okay on wood?

Yes, absolutely.

However, as metal paints aren’t designed to be applied to wood, most will soak into the grain a little too much. So, if you choose to use metal paints, we recommend you use a primer or a thin mist coat before applying it.

Should I use metal paints on window frames and sills?

Once again, yes.

In fact, if you decide to use metal paints anywhere, then your window frames and sills are probably the areas we’d recommend most.


Because replacing damp and rotten windows is costly, whereas changing a fence panel or buying new garden chairs isn’t going to set you back anywhere near as much.

Can I use metal paints on pressure-treated wood?
You guessed it, yes, but we’d advised against it.

The reason for this isn’t as simple as waiting for the wood to dry after its pressure treatment, you have to wait twelve months before adding anything like a metal paint. So, while it’s possible, the time you’ll have to wait to do it will likely make it slip your mind anyway.

What we suggest.

Although metal paints protect better against the elements than wood paints, it’s better to use them for what they are designed for - metal on metal, wood on wood.

Also, you can’t guarantee that metal paints will soak in or look the way wood paints do.

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