Can you repaint vinyl cladding?

repaint vinyl cladding

Not all paint jobs are equal. Embarking on redecorating your homes exterior is one of the more complex home improvements. There are several elements and materials you have to consider, some of which will require different paints. 

Painting vinyl cladding used to be a considerable debate when it came to  renovation. Until recently, this used to be a difficult job as the smooth surface of the cladding would encourage the paint to peel as soon as frost came along. And considering vinyl cladding is very common on static caravans in the UK, this becomes an issue as owners cannot maintain them all year round. 

However, with improved paint quality, you can now repaint any UPVC without worrying about peeling. It will also provide an extra layer of protection to create a durable surface to survive the colder months. So the short answer is yes, you can repaint vinyl cladding. 

With this said, there are some critical steps to keep in mind, including choosing the right paint for the job. Here are some tips for repainting vinyl cladding to avoid peeling. 

Get in a professional

Since this is a tricky task, it’s worth hiring a professional roofing company to do it for you, especially if you are renovating other parts of your roof. 

You can paint vinyl cladding yourself, but it’s not one to try if you’re a DIY novice. We recommend you spray paint vinyl cladding, which requires specialist equipment you won’t usually find in your local DIY shop. You can paint it with a brush, but we don’t recommend this, as you’ll likely be left with visible brushstrokes.  If you do try to paint it yourself, likely, you won’t be able to achieve the same quality of a professional job. 

Choose a high-quality coating

When painting vinyl cladding, the quality of the paint is essential, this is not a time to try and scrimp on costs. 

The quality of the coating will determine whether or not the paint will peel in colder weather. Roof Repair Coatings are ideal, as they require only one coat to give an ‘instant seal’. At Trade Coatings, any of our water-based external products are suitable for the job and are 100% VOC free. 

You can also opt for a Universal Surface Paint which you can use for other external DIY projects. Our exterior paints are for use on bricks, concrete, and vinyl. They’re effective at sealing in asbestos and providing long term protection against the elements. 

Paint in good weather

Once you’ve decided on the paint you’re using, make sure you start in the right weather conditions. 

We mentioned how damaging frost could be to your cladding, but rain will not help the painting process either. Choose a dry day so the coating can have adequate time to dry. All our external paints are touch dry within five minutes, but you want to give them enough time to dry before applying a second coat fully.

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