How and why do you seal MDF?

MDF sealer

Medium density fibreboard (MDF) is a highly versatile, cost-effective material that is extensively used across the construction and DIY industries.

MDF is manufactured by combining wood fibres with wax and resin and formed into panels/sheets under high pressure and temperature.

Moisture ingress

Although adaptable and widely used, MDF is however susceptible to moisture ingress in damp or humid environments which can result in the fibreboard expanding, swelling, or warping. Moisture ingress represents a high risk to the overall integrity of the board.

Sealing is essential

To prevent moisture ingress, effective sealing of MDF is therefore deemed essential. Additionally, the use of a sealing agent will also prepare the surface prior to the application of any additional surface finishes or paint.

Trade Coatings MDF sealer

Here at Trade Coatings, we firmly believe that Trade Coatings MDF Sealer is the best MDF sealer on the market.

Trade Coatings MDF Sealer does not affect the glue that bonds the fibres of MDF board, it provides a highly effective moisture seal, helping to maintain the integrity of the board, and offers a perfect base coating for further surface finishes.

To obtain a perfect surface finish on MDF, apply Trade Coatings MDF Sealer prior to any surface finishes. Our MDF sealer is suitable for brush or spray application.

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