How do bar tops survive a night out?

Working in hospitality can put you through the wringer - the same goes for your bar tops. It’s the part of your pub that goes through the most, other than your staff. Think of all the spilt drinks and heavy-duty cleaning products that pass over it, and that’s on a quiet night. From broken glass to red wine stains, your bar top goes through a lot. So you need a top-quality coating to withstand all that fun.  

Just like your workforce, your bar top needs the proper care and attention. As well as giving it a good foundation, there are some crucial ways you can make sure that your bar top will stay in good nick for the long run. 

Here are some tips for helping your bar top survive even the messiest of nights. 

Choose a lacquer with long term protection

If your bar top is already in need of a spruce, it’s no use opting for a cheap paint job. You’ll only end up spending more money in the long run, needing to revive an old, tired bar frequently. As the hospitality industry is finally finding its feet, now is the time to invest in a high-quality lacquer for the long nights ahead. However, finding a durable coating that doesn’t feel like you’re caking your bar top with chemicals can be tricky. That’s why you need to look for coatings made by industry experts.

Trade Coatings lacquers are resistant to alcohol and dry heat, helping your bar top withstand countless nights of chaos. There’s a reason we supply coatings for 90% of the UK’s bars and pubs, our lacquers lasting for 40 years once applied - that’s a long time before a touch-up.

Use appropriate cleaning products 

We know what it’s like trying to keep a bar clean on a busy night. You’re running out of drinks, the queue is going out of the door, and somehow everything is sticky. Of course, it’s tempting to reach for the closest cleaning spray to hand so you can get back to serving customers. But if you’re grabbing the wrong cleaning products, you could be doing your bar top more harm than good.

Many pubs use D10 spray to clean the front of house. This spray should be kept in the kitchen, as you’re supposed to use it exclusively for stainless steel. D10 is great for killing bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, but it packs some pretty harsh chemicals. If you are using this to clean your bar top, those harsh chemicals will start to damage your bar top and will leave it with less protection.  

Cleaning the front of house requires a much milder surface cleaner that will keep your bar top intact; many pubs use D2. Alternatively, you can use soap and hot water, which will effectively kill bacteria and won’t strip down the paint on your bar top. 

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