MDF and fine furniture - why it’s really all about the finish

It’s no secret that the cost of materials has risen dramatically when it comes to making fine furniture. Though used more in general construction, in 2021, softwood lumber prices were 113% more expensive than they were in 2020. Luckily, there have also been huge changes in the way fine furniture items can be produced. 

As we all know, the finish is everything when it comes to a successful piece. Previously, this meant using only the highest quality and most expensive pieces of wood.  

However, this isn’t the case anymore. A combination of wood vinyl and a high-end coating can deliver professional results no matter the material. 

 As long as you have the right technique and a good quality stain and lacquer, this approach can make even an MDF piece of furniture look high-end. 

Benefits of using a high-end coating and wood vinyl

 Not only is this technique more environmentally friendly, but it’s also a lot more cost-effective. The price for a roll of wood vinyl is typically around £20, which is considerably less than the price of solid wood.

 On average, one oak tree can produce up to 40 solid oak tables, whereas it can yield up to 400 tables worth of wood vinyl. 

 However, some joiners still question whether it's possible to produce the same premium finish. 

The reality is that it is possible, and anyone can learn how to achieve an excellent result; all it takes is the right lacquer, stain, and technique.

Choosing a high-end coating

Previously it was assumed that a thick lacquer is required to get a better finish, but this can cause imperfections to be immediately noticeable. It can also cause bubbling and an overall finish that’s less than ideal.

 A high-end coating suitable for fine furniture actually has a thinner consistency. It still has the durability of thicker coatings but also creates crisp edges and a smooth, perfect finish every time. 

The lacquer allows any material to look expensive and top quality, without the high price tag. This, in tandem with using a top-notch stain for your wood, can achieve a wonderful depth of tone and colour. 

What furniture items can they be used on?

High-end coatings can be used on a whole array of fine furniture items. It’s ideal for applying to kitchen countertops, coffee tables, chest of drawers, bars, TV stands, and side tables.

The versatility of using a high-end coating is attractive to many of those who want to deliver greatness in their work. If applied correctly, it ensures a consistently professional finish across a wide range of different furniture items.

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