What's the difference between pre-catalysed lacquer and acid catalysed lacquer?

ac lacquer and pre cat lacquer

A well-proven, versatile finishing coating, lacquer consists of various resins dissolved in a lacquer thinner.

Lacquer is used extensively across many industries because it sprays on smoothly and evenly without running and dries quickly. It can be clear or pigmented, and it is hard, flexible surface can polish to a high shine.

What is the difference between the two most commonly used lacquer types: pre-catalysed and acid catalysed?

Acid catalysed lacquer

Also known as AC lacquer, acid catalysed lacquer is a two-component lacquer system that is cured using an acid catalyst hardener solution that is added prior to application.  Acid catalysed lacquer coatings are easy to apply, quick drying and extremely hard wearing – providing a harder and tougher finish than the pre-catalysed equivalent.

Trade Coatings Acid Catalysed Lacquer provides a tough, durable two-pack acid catalysed lacquer for internal wood finishes. An acid catalyst is supplied a separate container to enable mixing prior to application. Trade Coatings AC Lacquer provides excellent moisture and chemical resistance and offers the perfect top surface finish for areas that require a high level of protection such as hotel doors, restaurant tables, bar tops, retail counters and pub furniture.

Pre-catalysed lacquer

Also more commonly known as Pre-cat is a one component lacquer system off-the-shelf product. Pre-catalysed refers to the fact that the manufacturer has added a hardening agent during the manufacturing process.

Easy-to-use and durable pre-cat lacquer makes a great finish for indoor furniture and cabinetry. Once dry, pre-cat lacquer is safe for food contact and resists damage from most food items, water, and alcohol.

Trade Coatings Pre-Catalysed Lacquer provides a beautiful, tactile finish, which is perfect for lower traffic areas. A versatile lacquer it is suitable for use straight out of tin, with no pre-mixing necessary. Trade Coating Pre-cat lacquer is isocyanate and hydrocarbon free.

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